Top 10 reasons why you should replace your Squeegee Blade!

  1. The squeegee is one of the most important of all the components, involved in the screen printing process.
  2. Yet as one of the most important components, it is easily neglected.
  3. The squeegee blade plays a key role in the control of the overall quality of your print.
  4. A worn or chipped Squeegee blade will not allow the ink to transfer evenly through the screen.
  5. Not only can a worn blade reduce print quality, it can also increase your print cost by applying too much ink.
  6. Abrasion with the screen slowly rounds the squeegee print edge, reducing its ability to shear the ink from the screen.
  7. Solvent based and UV inks can drastically limit the life of a standard squeegee.
  8. The Squeegee blade can swell or soften on the press.
  9. Swelling can then lead to the early breakdown and chipping.
  10. If your squeegee isn’t in good shape, your prints will suffer.

WILFLEX™ EPIC MX COLOUR SYSTEM – Still one of the most successful and reliable mixing systems world wide!

Did you know PMI makes three different tapes for screen printers?

Calling all screen printers! Have you wondered how the professionals keep their screens clean after printing? Try out PMI Tape and you’ll see how easy it is!


Marabu – The Specialist for Organic Glass Inks available from Colenso.

  • Screen Printing Ink for glass
  • Ceramics
  • Metal
  • Aluminium
  • Chrome-plated parts
  • Coated substrates.
  • High gloss
  • High brilliance
  • Medium opacity
  • Silicone free
  • Fast curing 2-component ink


Do you need bold and vibrant colours to impress your customers?

Use Wilflex EPIC Rio to make pure and true colours, for a WOW factor that customers will love. Available NOW exclusively in the UK from Colenso.

Wilflex EPIC™ Rio plastisol colour mixing system is perfectly balanced for opacity and colour accuracy for optimum performance on press, while giving the colour vibrancy and aesthetics that the consumer demands.

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Wilflex – Epic Bright Tiger White…the Brightest of White Inks

Wilflex – Epic Bright Tiger White The Brightest of White Inks = Confidence and Strength in your Screen Printing.

Wilflex™ Epic Bright Tiger White is a non-phthalate, high performance, low bleed white ink for application on 100% cotton and cotton/polyester blends.

Epic Bright Tiger’s premium opacity, optical brightness, fiber mat down, low gloss level, and good flash properties permit it to be utilized as a first down flash white or as a highlight white. A versatile white ink with commendable performance across a wide range of mesh screens on manual or automatic equipment.

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Epic™ Rio Non-Phthalate Ink Mixing System From Wilflex – Available now from Colenso

Based on cutting-edge pigment technology and formulated for excellent colour strength, these inks are PANTONE® approved and boast an extended colour range of 18 finished ink mixing components. The end results are a perfect balance of colour accuracy, vibrancy and opacity for peak press performance and colour design.

As the most opaque colour system in the Wilflex range, EPIC Rio maintains colour precision and flexibility, and can help screen printers save ink and money by achieving colour on press quicker, even with fine mesh-counts. The increased opacity of EPIC Rio also offers greater processing flexibility with regard to mesh screen selection, print strokes and direct print capability, all while maintaining accuracy to Pantone colour standards.

These new inks will allow textile screen printers to improve opacity and really up their game on colour design because the increased colour accuracy and strength add a significant ‘wow’ factor.”

Saati exposure and resolution calculator – A must for all screen printers!

An all-in-one test positive to help you determine the best exposure time.

The calculator’s series of incremental gray neutral filters provides five exposure values with just one test exposure. Select one for the best stencil thickness, color/hardness and definition.

Features include a 65-line screen ruling and halftone dots in 10, 50 and 90% areas. Also, the edge definition/resolution targets have a break and very fine type to assist your interpretation. A complete instruction guide is provided with each calculator.

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Colenso Bespoke Stencil Making Service

Colenso offer a full stencil making service for screen printing, using Fotec emulsions and capillary films, to produce robust high precision superior print quality screens. Using our stencil making service we can eliminate all the pre-press production. We offer artwork production, positive printing and screen making.


  • No chemicals needed
  • Low set up costs
  • Accurate registration
  • Optimum Stencil Quality

Start to screen print, without dark room equipment

We currently make screens for the following Industries

  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Ceramic
  • Electronics
  • Textiles
  • Plastic tubes and bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Architectural glass
  • Optical discs




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