Discover…a bespoke screen printing kit, tailor made to your needs.

At Colenso Screen Services Ltd we can create a high quality screen printing kit to suit your individual project and needs.
You can choose any size of frame, choice of mesh count, squeegee blade and inks.

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Don’t neglect your screens!

Quality #screenprinting chemicals which will reduce wastage and save you money.
Remco recognise the need for screen printers to go one step beyond what has been typically available by focusing on producing a superior range of materials that meet all the reclaiming needs.
Products available Colenso Screen Services Ltd
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Wilflex Epic HD Clear 2 simulates glass, gel, water or high gloss surfaces. Use as an adhesive carrier for foil, flock, and other applications.
An overprint of Epic Special Effect Clear can improve durability, wash fastness, increase glossiness and enhance aesthetics.
Available exclusively from Colenso Screen Services Ltd
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Create cracked, distressed effects on your screen prints using Wilflex Inks Epic Brittle Inks.
Specially formulated non-phthalate inks that have the ability to easily fracture and crack when pressure is applied to the ink surface. Distorting the surface through bending or stretching causes the ink to crack and fracture. Epic Brittle inks have a worn, tough finish that can resemble cracked paint or distressed appearance.
Available exclusively in the Uk from Colenso Screen Services Ltd .
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Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Create the perfect colour of love with @wilflexinks
A shimmering red with subtle sparkle effects, using the high gloss ‘Yellow Sparkle’ on top of Red Pantone 485c.
Non-phthalate inks with excellent durability.
Available exclusively from @colensoscreen
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Wilflex Inks Epic Liquid Gold Plastisol Ink – Super-shine metallic ink!

Wilflex Inks Epic Liquid Gold is a non-phthalate, opaque vibrant metallic shine ink that can be used with both flat and high density graphics. Epic Liquid Silver can be used straight out of the container or mixed with other Wilflex Epic inks.
⭐️ Super-shine metallic ink.
⭐️ Can be used straight out of the container.
⭐️ Excellent stretch properties.
⭐️ Epic Liquid Gold can be printed on all colored fabrics with dark coloured fabrics giving best results.
Available exclusively from Colenso Screen Services Ltd
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PMI makes three different tapes for screen printers.

⭐️ Split Tape. Blue areas do not contain adhesive allowing Split Tape to peel cleanly without leaving residue, tearing or damaging your emulsion.
⭐️ Full Adhesive Tape. Same adhesive and backing as Split Tape allowing for a clean removal.
⭐️ Quick Rip Tape.
Available Colenso Screen Services Ltd Tel: 01928 701356

Texylon solvent-based ink with a modern matt-satin finish. Not just for textile printing!

Texylon ink is suitable for direct printing or to create a waterslide transfer on outdoor and watersport equipment. It’s sea water resistant too! ?
Also for the printing of large weft and very absorbing dark fabrics, such as nylon and tyvek bags and clothes, and waterproofed fabrics.
Available from Colenso Screen Services Ltd tel: 01928 701356 or email:

Wilflex™ Epic Special Effects Inks

Achieve unique, textured designs with Wilflex™ Special Effects. When printed and cured on a garment these inks create unique surface textures and can be used as bases alone, or in combination with other additives such as pigment concentrates. Create textures, glitters, shimmers, glow in the dark or your own custom prints.

Special effects inks include:
⭐️ Clear Inks
⭐️ Metallics, Shimmers and Glitters
⭐️ Special Applications
⭐️ Texture Bases

Wilflex Inks are sold exclusively in the UK by Colenso Screen Services Ltd.
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Some great screen printing examples from Impressions Expo.

Wilflex Inks some great #screen printing examples from Impressions Expo, Long Beach 2020.
Using Wilflex special effects, Epic Rio, Epic and white inks ranges.
Available exclusively from Colenso Screen Services Ltd
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