Wilflex Inks EPIC Armor LC

Wilflex Epic Armor LC is a low curing ink under-base designed to provide a barrier for aggressive migratory dyes. The lower curing temperature reduces the risk of dye migration during and after cure, helping to maximize bleed resistance and minimize the chance for fabric distortion.
Available exclusively from Colenso Screen Services Ltd.
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⭐️ Low curing temperature of 270°F (132°C)
⭐️ Dye migration blocking properties
⭐️ Smooth, soft hand base layer
⭐️ Printer friendly viscosity
⭐️ Available in black and gray



The squeegee is one of the most important of all the components, involved in the screen printing process.
Yet as one of the most important components, it is easily neglected.
Tel: 01928 701356 or email: sales@colenso.co.uk

Select the Right White Ink for your screen printing.

When you look for a white ink to fulfill your needs, it is a good practice to ask specific questions to help determine which white is RIGHT!
Wilflex Inks are premium inks for all your textiles and prints, exclusively from #colensoscreen
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Print Life!

Virus inks Waterbased screen printing inks – Join the Wet on Wet Screen Printing Revolution ?
Available from Colenso Screen Services Ltd
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THE SHOP by Colenso

THE SHOP by Colenso – Premium  Screen Printing supplies and equipment, with FREE support and technical advice on all our products.
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Create the perfect match for your  screen prints using the Epic Rio Colour Mixing system. Want to get started? Why not try our starter pack available from Colenso Screen by calling 01928 701356 or email sales@colenso.co.uk

Make a fresh start to 2020 ?

As a screen printing business are you overwhelmed by the amount of inks and products on the market?
Maybe it’s time to get your business fit with the right products, thus improving quality, creating less spoilage and saving you money.
At Colenso we have some great kits to get you started, allowing you to try out different inks for different fabrics and purposes.
Please call us for further information and FREE technical expertise on our products.
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Wilflex Inks Epic Gold Shimmer ⭐️ Back in stock!

Wilflex™ Epic Shimmers are non-phthalate shimmer inks that can be used as multi-purpose inks to produce shiny finishes and can be used in combination with other non-phthalate Epic system inks. Epic Shimmers can be printed as a high density image or as a flat print graphic concept

Exclusive in the UK from Colenso Screen.
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Not Just for inks!

At Colenso Screen we supply high quality screen printing supplies, equipment and services.
We Sell…
⭐️ Plastisol inks ⭐️ Waterbased Screen printing inks
⭐️ Stencil Making Service ⭐️ Screen Stretching Service
⭐️ Aluminium Frames and Mesh ⭐️ Colour Separation Film
⭐️ Screen Printing Essentials ⭐️ Graphic Inks
⭐️ Industrial Inks ⭐️Screen Reclaiming Chemistry
⭐️ Screen Emulsion ⭐️Stencil Materials
⭐️ Squeegee Blades and Handles ⭐️ Screen Printing Starter Kits

We provide FREE support, advice and technical expertise to all our customers ? Contact: 01928 701356.


Frames are re-stretched with high quality mesh to industry standard tensions.
At Colenso Screen Service Ltd we are able to offer a full collection and delivery service anywhere in the UK with our screen stretching and stencil making service. Please contact us for a quote on 01928 701356 or email: sales@colenso.co.uk


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