Wilflex Epic Liquid Silver – The ULTIMATE Super-shine plastisol metallic ink

Wilflex Epic Liquid Silver – The ULTIMATE Super-shine plastisol metallic ink.
Sold exclusively in the UK by Colenso.
 Super-shine metallic ink.
 Can be used straight out of the container.
 Excellent stretch properties.
 Epic Liquid Silver can be printed on all coloured fabrics with dark coloured fabrics giving best results.

Virus water-based screen printing ink

A beautiful print using Virus water-based screen printing inks.
Virus water-based 4CP at 102 dpi on 381 mesh.

Contact us at Colenso for further information on Virus waterbased screen printing inks.


WILFLEX EPIC™ RIO COLOR MIXING SYSTEM – Join the Carnival and don’t get left behind…


Epic™ Rio is the latest non-phthalate colour mixing system from Wilflex, and it’s been designed with the latest pigment technology for optimum colour strength.

PANTONE® identified Epic Rio inks boast an extended colour range of 18 finished ink mixing components. Together, these provide a perfect balance of colour accuracy, vibrancy and opacity for peak press performance and colour design.

Are you on a mission to wipe out too-thick and dull colors? See what Epic Rio can do for your prints.


  • Colourful – vibrant colors that pop
  • Accurate – best in class Pantone matches
  • Opaque – get to colour on press faster and achieve greater flexibility in mesh sizes, print strokes and direct printing
  • Low cure – save energy, reduce bleed defects
  • Creamy Inks – manual or automatic press, press ready, no need to slow down print stroke
  • Simple – finished ink mixing system, easy mixing, easy matching, easy printing
  • Consistent – short run, long run, colour to colour and batch to batch consistent

We LOVE this stuff! Wilflex™ Epic Liquid Silver

Wilflex Liquid Silver is a liquid metallic ink made with metallic pigments, it gives an opaque, vibrant, metallic shine. It has very fine particles, so it can resemble foil . Liquid Silver does not need to be under based and you can print directly on dark cottons with no problems. Sold exclusively in the UK from Colenso. 01928 701356.

Celebrating the purple colour trend in textiles

Celebrating the purple colour trend in #textiles and screen printing for 2018 with the #Wilflex Epic ink range.

Available now from Colenso. Tel: 01928 701356 or email sales@colenso.co.uk.  “Shaping the future of screen printing together” #screenprinting #screenprintingsupplies #apparel #tshirts


Colenso is excited to announce the availability of the upgraded Wilflex EPIC™ Amazing Bright White!😀

Originally introduced in 2014 as a low bleed white ink, Amazing Bright White is known for its great value, versatility in print applications and design capabilities and extreme bright white finish. Amazing Bright White gives commendable performance for cotton and cotton/polyester blends and is now upgraded to make it even better with improved bleed resistance, opacity and better press and heat stability. Want to try it? order your free sample now from Colenso.

How to check your plastisol inks are cured

Top tips from Colenso and Wilflex™



We’re in the media – Images Magazine

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See what Wilflex™ Epic Rio can do for your prints.


Harry Styles print created by Advartex Ltd – using the Wilflex™ Epic Rio colour mixing system.

Epic™ Rio is the latest non-phthalate colour mixing system from Wilflex, and it’s been designed with the latest pigment technology for optimum colour strength.




Geo Preview White is the total white for cotton suitable for any kind of printing even pricewise!

GEO PREVIEW WHITE: the ultimate white ink!
Geo Preview White is the new Virus® water based ink developed to satisfy the needs of the modern printer who asks for a product of outstanding quality, versatile and easy to use.

GEO PREVIEW WHITE: perfect on cotton, suitable for any kind of printing.
Geo Preview White has been formulated for printings on cotton where it shows a great coverage even on the darkest garments.
Printable up to 100 tpc (254 tpi) mesh count, Preview White gives smooth soft touch printings, easily overprintable; supports colors ensuring bright defined shades as well as delicate transparences and a great washing resistance.

GEO PREVIEW WHITE: performance, versatile ed ecological.
Geo Preview White is an extremely performing ink suitable for both manual and automatic printing with advanced machines.
Very stable in the screen guarantees a smooth production in any environmental conditions avoiding the inconvenience of “down time”.
Geo Preview White meets the strictest ecological requirements: PVC, Phtalate, formaldehyde and heavy metal free, can be classified Oekotex Standard 100 Class1.

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