Wilflex Non-PVC Plastisol Inks – “Freedom to Perform”

Available now exclusively from Colenso Screen Services Ltd. Tel 01928 701356. www.colenso.co.uk or email sales@colenso.co.uk.

Wilflex Epic™ Cork Base + Sculpture Base from Colenso

WilflexTM Epic Sculpture Base is a specially formulated non-phthalate plastisol ink base designed for high density printing. Printed images can have either a smooth or textured surface depending on mesh counts and printing parameters. Epic Sculpture Base also controls the smallest design details– even with high density printing.


  • Smooth high density textured base.
  • Tough and stretchable.
  • Excellent adhesion to fabrics.
  • Can be used on light or dark grounds.
  • Excellent wash properties.
  • Can be used in high density or conventional flat screens.

Printing Tips

  • Can be mixed with Epic PCs, Epic EQs, or Epic MX to create custom colors.
  • Print through high density screens for raised surfaces.
  • Use a print-flash-print method to build ink density.
  • Adjust cure temp and dwell time to achieve desired surface effect.
  • Can be used alone or in combination with other Epic products to create various specialty effects.

Console Squeegee Blade – available exclusively by Colenso

Console products are a range of Screen print and Digital consumables sold exclusively by Colenso.

One of the most important of all the components involved in the screen printing process, is the Squeegee blade. Yet as one of the most important components, it is easily neglected. The squeegee blade plays a key role in the control of the overall quality of your print. A worn or chipped Squeegee blade will not allow the ink to transfer evenly through the screen. Indeed not only can a worn blade reduce print quality, it can also increase your print cost by applying too much ink.

The squeegee performance and print life are effected by a number of different parameters. Abrasion with the screen slowly rounds the squeegee print edge, reducing its ability to shear the ink from the screen. Solvent based and UV inks can drastically limit the life of a standard squeegee, often causing the Squeegee blade to swell or soften on the press. This swelling can then lead to the early breakdown and chipping.


There a many different variations of Squeegee blade, each are designed to meet different demands. They can have a square, rounded or a pointed edge, each with a different hardness. It is essential that the correct squeegee is selected for the type of substrate and ink to be printed. Selecting the wrong type can affect your ink deposit, print quality therefore increasing your costs.

All too often the common mistakes that are made when selecting squeegee are:

  • Ordering by colour alone; each manufacturer has different colours which can vary, so ensure you know which hardness each is.
  • Selecting medium hardness, assuming it will do all jobs that come their way.

Using triple shore without knowing the outer hardness, again these are available in different harnesses, so specify when ordering.

Squeegee Blade

Console urethane squeegee blade is available in a selection of profiles and hardness’s both in standard grade and high resist (high solvent and UV ink resistant).

CONSOLE URETHANE RANGE – select the hardness for the application.

For help in selecting the correct combination of squeegee harness, profile and resistance, please contact any of our Technical representatives or Screen department.

Colenso in-house Screen Stretching and Stencil Making Service

Colenso Screen Services offers an Industry leading screen stretching and stencil makingService. Our extremely competitive stretching service covers many different mesh and frame sizes. Frames are re-stretched with high quality mesh to customer specified and industry standard tensions. Unlike many companies, we have the ability to also re-mesh to any given tension. We recommend that you choose a yellow mesh if you are choosing a mesh count of over 61, as it exposes much better than white mesh in the higher counts because it blocks light conductivity through the threads, thus providing sharper detail. White mesh is more cost effective and works just as well on lower mesh counts. We do however offer both white and yellow mesh in a variety of different sizes.

With 4 separate stretching departments (Darkroom for pre-coated mesh, Industrial, Textile and Graphic) and an array of specialized screen stretching equipment that is manned by fully trained and experienced staff who work to the strictest quality procedures, we offer our customers the most comprehensive screen stretching service for all sectors of the screen printing industry.

We use exclusively SEFAR and SAATI precision fabrics and can choose from over one hundred mesh counts and thread thicknesses from our extensive stocks. A selection of stainless steel wire cloths are also available from stock.

By the use of several stretching devices, such as Sefar Pneumatic clamps and Grunig Table’s which combine to give numerous separate work stations, we have the flexibility, equipment and expertise to provide the highest level of workmanship, whatever the requirements. From small pen printing screens through to Architectural glass screens, whether just one screen or hundreds, we have the facility to match any demands.

  • New wood and Aluminum fames are available from stock and can also be made to any given size.
  • Backed up by a fleet of delivery vehicles and nationwide next day courier we provide a quick and reliable delivery and collection service.
  • Our experienced team of technical advisers have each had at least twenty years’ experience in the industry and provide unequivocal support to ensure full customer satisfaction.


Original Screen Printed Designs

Wilflex™ Screen Printing Inks are pleased to present design n. 8 in the Wilflex Originals collection, “Hill Tribe.” The highly technical quality of this print proves that textile screen printing can compete with other printing techniques when limited to a color output of four colors (CMYK). We will continue to expand the Wilflex Originals artwork collection by adding new designs regularly, so be sure to look out for the next one on our website!

Wilflex Originals artwork is an exclusive collection of printed designs, created through collaboration between independent designers, printers and PolyOne. We hope the Wilflex Originals collection will be an inspiration for tomorrow’s trends, and encourage designers to work closely with similar minded people, bringing excitement and innovation to what we do.


Wilflex™ Screen Printing Inks Wet on Wet

When printing wet-on-wet, ink will always transfer to the back of the screen. A good ink on the other hand will remain wet on the screen. This small amount of wet build is actually beneficial for ink coverage and color intensity on simulated process printing. These tips are designed to help create a controlled ink build and help with successful wet-on-wet printing.

For further information please call:
Colenso Screen Services Ltd on 01928 701356 or email sales@colenso.co.uk


Colenso Screen Services – Launch their In-House Creative Graphic Design Service!

If you require a branding overhaul, a new brochure, leaflet and exhibition design, a regular newsletter or anything that requires a creative mind with a good understanding of business, we have the ability to impress.

Our comprehensive in-house creative graphic design studio gives you complete control over the creative process, image and message you wish to convey, across all of the marketing materials that we produce.

We offer the full range of creative graphic design services including:

Corporate Logo’s, Stationery, Brochure design, Leaflets and Adverts, Illustration, Photoshop Editing, Exhibition Graphics. We also offer an in-house, screen printing film output service.

HAVE A DESIGN OR ARTWORK PROJECT YOU’D LIKE TO DISCUSS? Contact Becky on 01928 701356, or email becky@colenso.co.uk



METALLIC TREND: Liquid Gold, Liquid Silver, Shimmer and Glitter Inks by Wilflex™

Metallics are back in a big way in the screen printing industry, with advances in design techniques and specialised inks, thus allowing for more metallic looks which were traditionally achieved only by foil printing, using these innovative products can make your fabrics shine (literally!)

Shimmering fabrics are all the rage this season, with metallics all around, there’s no need to save your flashy fashion statements until after dark. Many printed fabrics use metallic ink to add more pizazz to a theme or a design.

Wilflex™ Metallics, Shimmers and Glitter inks are non-phthalate plastisol screen-printing inks for apparel. These inks have been specially formulated to provide textile printers with the same application parameters as conventional plastisol ink systems. Using our standard Shimmers and metallics which can be personalised with Wilflex pigment concentrates, you can create custom colour.

Want your fabrics to Shine?

For further information please call:
Colenso Screen Services Ltd on 01928 701356 or email sales@colenso.co.uk

Does your colour mixing system produce prints to look this good?

This vibrant and opaque print, has been produced using our NEW Wilflex Epic Rio opaque pantone colour mixing system. This print was printed today through 100-40 mesh wet on wet using 5 colours.


For further information please call:
Colenso Screen Services Ltd on 01928 701356 or email sales@colenso.co.uk

Take the Fluff out of your Flock


Epic Plush Base

Wilflex™ Epic Plush Base is a non-phthalate ink specially formulated to create soft fashion textures that simulate chenille, velvet, flock, suede and textured fabric finishes.

Various textured and embossed surfaces can be produced by adjusting ink deposit and cure temperatures.

For further information please call:
Colenso Screen Services Ltd on 01928 701356 or email sales@colenso.co.uk

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