Not Just for inks!

At Colenso Screen we supply high quality screen printing supplies, equipment and services.
We Sell…
⭐️ Plastisol inks ⭐️ Waterbased Screen printing inks
⭐️ Stencil Making Service ⭐️ Screen Stretching Service
⭐️ Aluminium Frames and Mesh ⭐️ Colour Separation Film
⭐️ Screen Printing Essentials ⭐️ Graphic Inks
⭐️ Industrial Inks ⭐️Screen Reclaiming Chemistry
⭐️ Screen Emulsion ⭐️Stencil Materials
⭐️ Squeegee Blades and Handles ⭐️ Screen Printing Starter Kits

We provide FREE support, advice and technical expertise to all our customers ? Contact: 01928 701356.

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