High quality anodised aluminium coating troughs: 43″ (1092mm). Made to order.

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Product Description

Made in the UK our coating troughs feature the highest quality anodised aluminium coating and are an essential tool for screenprinting.

Durable, strong and easy to hold, the Aluminium Coating Troughs facilitate the process of coating the emulsion onto the screen before exposure.

Our Aluminium Coating Troughs are supplied with plastic removable end caps, which are secure during usage and can be removed for cleaning. The shape of the trough allows it to sit easily on flat surfaces between coats and holds a good amount of emulsion for lengthy coating sessions.

Available in a variety of sizes depending on the image size; it is recommended to choose a trough which covers the image surface area comfortably.

  • Made to order, please allow 2-3 days for delivery.