EPTA TEXYLON 58 TEXTILE INK – Thrixotropic Gel 1KG



Solvent based ink with semi-glossy finishing – Thrixotropic Gel 1KG

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Product Description

Solvent based ink with semi-glossy finishing.

Versatile one and two component ink for printing onto light and dark, coarse, absorbent textiles such as nylon, teyvek etc.

Normally used for printing onto umbrellas, flags, banners and difficult to print textiles.

  • High flexibility and elasticity
  • Good outdoor and sea water resistance
  • High opacity
  • Quick drying
  • AMC bases for the realization of more than 800 colours

Application fields

Printing of large weft and very absorbing dark fabrics, such as nylon and tyvek bags and clothes, and waterproofed fabrics. This product is also indicated for the realization of sliding and dry decals.

For printing on: Nylon, tyvek, nonwoven fabric Waterproofed fabrics and textiles.


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