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Product Description

  • −  Fast, dual-cure diazo photopolymer screen process emulsion with separate

    diazo sensitizer powder in sachets, for co-solvent ink systems (inks containing

    a combination of solvents and water)

  • −  Blue color
  • −  High viscosity
  • −  Short exposure time
  • −  Ecologically sound
  • −  Must be processed and stored at temperatures not over 20°C

FOTECOAT emulsions employ the full spectrum of available technologies. They utilize diazo, dual-cure and photopolymer chemistry, as well as specially formulated solutions for difficult applications.

FOTECOAT emulsions are available that meet the needs of all industry segments. They are used for printing all types of inks, as well as patterning functional materials for manufacturing components and appliances. There are emulsions and solutions available to satisfy the demands of the total screen printing community around the world.

FOTECOAT emulsions are based on Swiss technology and crafted with precision using state of the art materials in ISO accredited facilities.Whatever your requirement there is a FOTECOAT emulsion that provides a solution and is supplied with the continued level of technical support that makes Foteco a leading and dependable brand.


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